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CBP seizes heroin, cocaine in two busts

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Two women facing federal drug charges were going to be paid vastly different amounts in two separate drug smuggling attempts.

Criminal complaints against Brownsville residents Jasmine Marie Bravo and Elizabeth Morales describe a $4,500 disparity in payment for their alleged efforts to smuggle heroin and cocaine.

Bravo told authorities she was going to be paid $500 to cross a little more than 18 pounds of heroin into the country while Morales told authorities she would be paid $5,000 for smuggling approximately 16.6 pounds of cocaine into the country, according to a criminal complaint.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection arrested Morales on Friday at the Veterans International Bridge after discovering seven bundles of cocaine hidden inside a false compartment near her vehicle’s rear tire axle, court documents indicate.

The criminal complaint against Morales contains few details about why CBP decided to search Morales’ vehicle, but the charging document against Bravo says CBP officers became suspicious on Saturday at the B&M International Bridge when they noticed Bravo was “nervous” and “flush in the face” and began sweating under routine questioning.

After a drug-sniffing dog alerted CBP officers to the presence of narcotics, authorities reported discovering seven bundles of heroin in a non-factory, aftermarket compartment under the front passenger seat, according to a criminal complaint.

Both Bravo and Morales are being held with bond pending probable cause and detention hearings scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Wednesday in front of U.S. Magistrate Judge Ronald G. Morgan.

The women, who made a first appearance Monday, are charged with possession with the intent to distribute narcotics and conspiracy to do the same.


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